Air International


Air International offers services ranging from design and supply to installation and routine and non-routine maintenance. We offer a worldwide after-sales service, taking care of both our own production plants and those of other brands.

The main phases of our after-sales service are:

  • Staff training in order to carry out all operations
  • Necessary for routine maintenance of the systems
  • Assistance for original spare-parts. Each new installation is provided with a complete list of recommended spare parts and consumables necessary for operation. We also provide assistance in the supply of spare parts for non-Air International components
  • Constant monitoring of the installations through a system that allows us to assist your installation in a constant and continuous manner over 24 hours. This system also allows us to promptly notify you of failures in your installations with a proposal for immediate resolution.

In addition, our customer-care service includes proposals for installation checks at regular intervals, verification of the proper functioning of all equipment and the release of a report with any advice to improve the efficiency of the systems.