Air International

Sav Yo Energy

Air International offers its customers the innovative electronic control system CLIMA-LOG that allows total control of the air heating, cooling and humidification functions, operating independently based on measurements made by temperature and humidity sensors installed in the environment. CLIMA-LOG is part of a new innovation project with which Air International wants to offer its customers products under continuous evolution; products which are always available and interchangeable, ensuring continuity of operation even for installations with outdated systems. CLIMA-LOG guarantees high quality regulation and can be installed with a completely electrical and electronic configuration or can be adapted to existing electro-pneumatic or totally pneumatic configurations.
Air International has also developed the new CLIMA-TEL surveillance system, which allows for the constant monitoring of the installation’s variables. CLIMA TEL continuously sends information on the progress of your installation to the Air International customer service office, which takes care of any problems reported in real time. The same information is sent to the Client with whom intervention plans can be shared for immediate resolution.
Air International CLIMA-TEL is completely free of license and/or software costs.
 The new CLIMA LOG system combined with SAV YO ENERGY technology allows for significant savings on electricity and water consumption while still ensuring constant and satisfactory hygroclimatic conditions. 
In recent years, Air International has made a strong commitment to technological innovation and attention to technical solutions that take into account the necessary energy savings in terms of electricity and water. As a confirmation of the above, in 2015 Air International obtained the GREEN CERTIFIED certification that allows us to use the GREEN LABEL certifying that the study, design and installation carried out have all followed certain criteria and procedures for which energy saving is validated.

save-yo-energy certificazione