P5 Xiros a tima 2019


At the most important txtile fair (Barcellona, 20-26 June 2019) Air International presents Xiros, the new unit for air handling with controlled humification.
The controlled humidification air treatment prototype unit allows obtaining a high humidification efficiency thanks to the water injection technology with venturi type air expansion absorption, combined with the continuous control of the thermohygrometric conditions of the fluids driven by fans brushless with high efficiency and low noise, it allows to obtain a great result in a compact and reliable unit.


High humidification efficiency.
Controlled water consumption.
Variable flow rate.
Air distribution duct with engineered holes.
Low energy consumption, brushless technology.
Possibility of working with recirculated air or outside air.
Complete control of the thermo-hygrometric conditions.
Easy maintenance and sanitation.