Air International presents XIROS at ITMA 2019

June 2019

At the most important txtile fair (Barcellona, 20-26 June 2019) Air International presents Xiros, the new unit for air handling with controlled humification.
The controlled humidification air treatment prototype unit allows obtaining a high humidification efficiency thanks to the water injection technology with venturi type air expansion absorption, combined with the continuous control of the thermohygrometric conditions of the fluids driven by fans brushless with high efficiency and low noise, it allows to obtain a great result in a compact and reliable unit.


High humidification efficiency.
Controlled water consumption.
Variable flow rate.
Dry air distribution inductive duct.
Low energy consumption, brushless technology.
Possibility of working with recirculated air or outside air.
Complete control of the thermo-hygrometric conditions.
Easy maintenance and sanitation.


October 2018

Air International carried out a complete renovation of the company Tollegno Poland’s installations. The now dated systems have been updated with innovative filtration and humidification solutions. All of the air volume control installations are equipped with electronic management systems. Tollegno Poland now also relies on Air International’s new energy-saving systems, ensuring concrete savings which bring about an investment payback of around 16 months.

Tessitura Penelope

August 2018

Penelope, a historic weaving company based in Prato, chose Air International for the revamping of its air treatment central systems in its weaving department. Air International provided two air conditioning systems for a total of 300,000 m³/h of treated air. The electronic control systems on the various phases of work of the motors allow for significant energy savings of around 25-30% per year.

Gruppo Miroglio

June 2018

In 2018, the Miroglio Group partnered with Air International for the construction of new installations at its production sites in Bulgaria. Air International designed and manufactured two air treatment systems for the weaving department, each one totalling 100,000 m³/h with a high efficiency humidification system. The collaboration was further strengthened with the construction of an air treatment system for the Knitting department and a revamping of the air channels for the Spinning department.

Benetton Group

March 2018

Benetton partnered with Air International to improve the efficiency of its air treatment systems installed at the Croatian production site in Osijek. The installation of new electronic controls allows for the remote management of all control systems as well as significant energy savings with regards to energy consumption. Air International also handled the sound issue by offering innovative noise reduction systems.