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Technical progress, in which human activity plays a key role, has seen continuous improvement in the transformation processes of raw materials and natural elements into ever better usable goods. In these processes the use of air – in certain quantities and with certain typical characteristics – is critical.
By studying the characteristics and physical laws that regulate its behaviour, our aim is to transform it and make it suitable for use in production processes and for improving the work environment.
Air International seeks to continue previous consolidated experience in the air treatment sector through an innovation project which will guarantee its Customers maximum efficiency and professionalism across all areas of expertise.

Primary fields of application


Air International meets the ever-increasing ambient air quality demands and can offer your company a wide range of solutions to best manage your challenges. Air International designs and manufactures turnkey packages for air treatment technical solutions to the production processes of every company. Well-being is the backbone of our aeraulic applications, which are designed in a technically sustainable way with high energy saving systems, based on energy recovery.


Air International is able to cope with even the smallest cooling and air treatment needs. Respecting ecological impact and energy saving as much as possible, Air International arrives into a new market share with evaporative cooling, an exceptionally innovative product capable of cooling with minimum energy consumption as well as a very low initial investment cost. Our products are the result of a project aimed at offering the highest technology available in the industry today.

Aero Textile

Air International offers customised solutions for the treatment of environmental hygroclimatic conditions as well as the treatment of technological and process air. Controlled environmental conditions that are constantly stable over time, correct circulation of cleaned and treated air, process air cleaning, adequate air distribution and heat load reduction are the basis of every Air International project. For over thirty years we have been the ideal partner for new projects and the revamping of existing systems in the aero textile sector.

non woven
Non Woven

In recent years, Air International has developed process and environmental conditioning systems using the highest technology available on the market today. One of Air International’s latest challenges is that of conquering the non-woven market as well. In this sector, we offer complete and ad hoc spooling and end-line solutions. Air International’s competitiveness and experience makes us the ideal partner and support for Converting, Disposable, and Tissue lines.

AIR INTERNATIONAL® operates worldwide and guarantees an efficient and prompt after-sales service

Our strengths



Working the raw materials in thermo-hygrometrically controlled environments guarantees a significant increase in the final yield of the product



Reducing the summer temperatures with the adiabatic cycle allows for better working conditions and quality of work



I nostri sistemi di monitoraggio permettono il controllo costante, da remoto, dei vostri impianti. Il servizio di assistenza garantisce un pronto intervento di manutenzione ordinaria e straordinaria.

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Italtex entrusts to Air Internationl the complete reconstruction of the filtration element of its air handling unit ( former Mazzini-ici)
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