We are dedicated to the treatment of an important element: AIR


our love of nature


our clean air for your climate


our passion
for technology

Technical progress, with man as protagonist, has seen a constant perfectioning of the processes for transforming raw materials and natural elements into goods that can be increasingly well utilised and among these processes the use of air, in determined quantities and with precise typical characteristics, is fundamental.
Through the study of the phenomena and laws of physics that govern its behaviour, our mission is to transform air, making it suitable for use in production processes and in the improvement of work environments.
Air International aims to continue its previous consolidated experiences in the air treatment sector by means of an innovative project with which to guarantee its customers maximum efficiency and professionalism in all its spheres of activity.


Air International offers its customers products that are constantly evolving, always available and interchangeable, guaranteeing continuous operation even for installations with outdated systems.

Customer Care

customer Aiming for a productive and high-quality partnership, we offer to take care of your systems by placing our experience and expertise at your disposal.

Control systems

Air International offers its customers the innovative CLIMATE LOG electronic control system that permits total control and monitoring of the functions of the system.

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